BAKER BOY BAKE SHOP INC.: Maintenance Assistant

Company Name:
Baker Boy Bake Shop, Inc.
This is a summer/seasonal position. It will include assisting maintenance in various areas throughout the plant. It may include work outside with painting and upkeep of building and grounds. This position will assist with organizing and cleaning of various buildings and areas of the plant.
1. Ability to adapt to heights when needed.
2. Team player with problem solving capabilities, and ability to manage multiple responsibilities under tight deadlines.
3. The ability to work with other team members and members of management in a harmonious and cooperative manner and to contribute positively to the overall decision-making process.
4. An understanding, tact, and willingness to see other points of view and to compromise when needed
5. Working Conditions
Plant environment conditions of noise, different environments from hot to wet, slippery and damp conditions in the plant to winter weather conditions while performing duties outdoors.
6. Physical Requirement
Capable of performing numerous duties where flexibility of different body positions is needed.
7. Lifting over 52 pounds is prohibited!
Base Pay: $14.00 / Hour
Job Category: Maintenance

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