BAKER BOY BAKE SHOP INC.: Production Tech - WEEKEND - Nights

Company Name:
Baker Boy Bake Shop, Inc.
Shifts Available:
4 pm - 4:30 am
1. Responsible for machine setup and adjustments during a production run and machine cleanup. Must be able to scale ingredients and mix dough following product formulas. Ability to understand and use the HB flour system. Able to operate mixing machines to mix dough. Must be able to make decisions based on dough quality and consistency. Ability to follow formulas and use scales.
2. Move pans/trays with product in various ways including filling batter into pans, placing paper liners into pans, icing of product and other various process as assigned.
3. Place product and pans/trays appropriately onto conveyor belt at a steady and efficient pace. Pans are then placed on racks and racks placed into proof boxes and/or baking areas.
4. Learn how to proof dough and to properly use baking ovens to product a quality and uniform product.
5. Assure proper product weights and quality standards are utilized at all times.
6. Assemble boxes, package products and label boxes according to product specifications and learn how to operate metal detectors.
7. Wash, clean and maintain utensils, production area, production machines, coolers, freezers, proof boxes and ovens in a sanitary condition.
8. Maintain all records as applicable, including knowledge of and ability to follow lot tracking program.
9. Attend team meetings and monthly company meetings and be a contributing partner to the team.
10. Normal hours worked per week is 40 hours, however, it may be necessary to work overtime on a daily and/or weekly basis.
11. Knowledge of HACCP and GMP procedures for labeling, storage and use of scrap dough.
12. Take samples for Quality Assurance as indicated in Product Specification book.
13. Assist in other areas of production as needed to efficiently produce product utilizing lean manufacturing principles.
1. Remove garbage material from production areas as well as keep area clean using mops, brooms, etc.
Listed below are the required essential skills, knowledge and characteristics needed to perform all essential functions of this particular job. As you progress into this position, skills and physical requirements required for this progression will change. An example is when you begin your new position as a production tech, you will be lifting 2 ounces to 20 pounds on a continuous basis and 52 pounds occasionally. As you progress in skills and pay to the position of mixing, you will be required to lift 52 pounds of bagged product on a frequent basis and 2 ounces to 20 pounds occasionally.
As you progress into higher pay and skill positions within this job, you must take into consideration the physical requirements the new skill may require. Only you are able to determine whether you can perform the physical demands of this progression. It would be our expectation that if after accepting a position requiring more demanding physical requirements and you realize the position may be too strenuous, you will inform management prior to you suffering an ergonomic injury. At that time we will discuss options available to you within your position.
1. Bending, stooping, walking, reaching, grasping, carrying, repetitive motions and visual skills are required on a constant basis. Ability to stand on feet for entire work shift, normally 10 or 12 hours depending on shift, is required, however, overtime may be required during peak production periods.
2. Ability to carry trays and pans on a continuous basis, weighing 15 to 20 pounds, and place these pans and trays on racks.
3. Ability to lift ingredients, weighing up to 50 pounds, into mixing bowl on a frequent basis.
4. Ability to lift cases of product and ingredients, etc. weighing 30 to 50 pounds on a frequent basis. Lifting and pouring of various materials from pails and bags is required which weigh up to 50 pounds.
5. Ability to push and pull racks where needed. Stainless steel 20 count racks weight 87+ pounds plus the weight of pans and product. Baking racks weight 91+ pounds. Pan weights vary depending on product but frequently weight 144 pounds and product will weigh approximately 144 pounds for a total weight of 379 pounds.
6. Ability to push and pull various pan carts, flat carts, etc. that weight several hundred pounds. The effort required varies due to the size of cart and the size of roller and casters.
7. Ability to move conveyors and machinery on casters to form production lines is required. There are many machines of different weights and resistances and the resistance required to overcome in order to move various required equipment would be at minimum from 20 to 75 pounds.
8. Must possess problem-solving skills.
9. Must possess average to above-average math skills.
10. Must possess good communication skills.
11. Work in a team environment so must have ability to work well with others.
12. Ability to think safety and work safely at all times and must follow all proper ergonomic and safety practices.
13. Ability to read, speak and understand the English language. Must be able to perform simple math problems, including addition, subtraction and multiplication.
Lifting - More than 52 pounds without assistance is prohibited!
Base Pay: $14.50-$16.00 / Hour
Employee Type: Full-Time
Job Category: Plant
Required Degree: High School

Don't Be Fooled

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